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Agroforestry achievements in Goz-Beida, Eastern of Chad in the frame work on BRACED program 2018 World Agroforestry Centre and Concern Worldwide Other View
Phenology of Sclerocarya birrea provenances in Mangochi, Malawi. 2019 Msukwa VJ, Munthali CRY and BI Nyoka Journal View
Domestication of Docynia indica in Vietnam 2018 Ha Van Tiep, Pham Huu Thuong, La Nguyen, Hoang Thi Lua, Vu Van Thuan, Lo Thi Kieu, Sammy Carsan, Ann Degrande, Delia Catacutan & Chris Harwood Journal View
Descriptor for Parkia biglobosa 2018 Book View
Molecular Characterization of Sclerocarya birrea ICRAF Field Genebank Collections, Journal of Phylogenetics and Evolutional Biology, 5:3 2017 Machani G.F., Muchugi, A., Ngugi, M.P., Jamnadass, R., Omwenga, I.G., Kariba, R., Mng?omba, S. and Prasad, H. Molecular Characterisation View
Genetic diversity of the African poplar (Populus ilicifolia) populations in Kenya. Tree Genetics & Genomes, 12:66 2016 Muraguri, S. M., Muchugi, A., Carsan, S., Kariba, R., Jamnadass, R., Oballa, P., Brunner, A. and Runo, S., Molecular Characterisation View
Genetic diversity and gene flow revealed by microsatellite DNA markers in some accessions of African Plum (Dacryodes edulis) in Cameroon. African Journal of Biotechnology, 15(13), pp. 511-517, 2016 Tchinda, N. D., Wanjala, B.W., Muchugi, A., Fotso, Nzweundji, G., Ndoumou, D.O. and Skilton, R. Molecular Characterisation View
Genetic diversity of Faidherbia albida accessions held at the World Agroforestry Centre, Forests, Trees and Livelihoods, 2015 Kithure, R.K., Muchugi, A., Jamnadass, R., Mugendi, F.N. and Mwaura, L. Molecular Characterisation View
Genetic diversity of Dacryodes edulis provenances used in controlled breeding trials. Journal of plant breeding and crop science, 7(12)327339. 2015 Makueti, J.T., Otieno, G., Tchoundjeu, Z., Muchugi, A., Tsobeng, A., Asaah E. and Kariba, R. Molecular Characterisation View
Growth Performance and Fruit Production of Sclerocarya birrea (A. Rich.) Hochst. Provenances in Malawi. International Journal of Scientific Research in Agricultural Sciences, 3(2), pp. 042-049. 2016 Msukwa, V., Munthali, C.R.Y., Missanjo, E., Chilima, C.Z., Mng?omba, S.A., Sagona, W., Mkwezalamba, I. Morphological characterisation View

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