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Synchrony in the phenologies of fine roots and leaves of Vitellaria paradoxa in different land uses of Burkina Faso. Agroforestry Systems 2017 Bazié, P., Ky-Dembele, C., Jourdan, C., Roupsard, O., Zombré, G., & Bayala, J Other View
Growth, flowering and fruiting of stecklings, grafts and seedlings of Allanblackia floribunda Oliver (Clusiaceae). Agroforest. Syst., 91:259–270. 2017 Tsobeng A, Asaah E, Tchoundjeu Z, Van Damme P, Ofori O, Jamnadass R Other View
Effects of Rootstock Type and Scion Cultivar on Grafting Success and Growth of Mango (Mangifera indica L.) Seedlings. Journal of Experimental Agriculture International, 2017 R. R. Minja, A. A. Kimaro, M. Mpanda, S. Moshy, V. Mwaijande,A. Ngereza, J. Ambrose, A. Ndee, B. Kihula and G. Nyalusi Other View
Growth and yield responses of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) to organic fertilizer in southern Malawi. Agroforestry Systems 91 (2), 249-258, 2017 Mng’omba SA, Akinnifesi FK, Kerr A, Salipira K & Muchugi A Other View

The CIFOR-ICRAF Genebank has a global role to collect, conserve, document, characterize and distribute a diverse collection of agroforestry trees.

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