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Key descriptors for Irvingia spp. (bush mango) 2021 Tsobeng A., Muchugi A., Alercia A., Chege J., Degrande A., Hendre P., Kang’ethe S., Jamnadass R., Cerutti A.L., Cognetti de Martiis S., Lopez F. Other View
Key descriptors for Docynia indica 2021 Muchugi A., Pham H.T., Alercia A., Hai P.H., Hendre P., Jamnadass R., Cerutti A.L., Cognetti de Martiis S., Lopez F. Other View
A simple guide to growing wild loquat, Uapaca kirkiana 2021 Betserai Isaac Nyoka, Alice Muchugi, Jarret Mhango, Joyce Njoloma, Konisaga Mwafongo Other View
Variation in phenotypic traits of high oil yielding and early maturing shea trees (Vitellaria paradoxa) selected using local knowledge. The Journal of Agriculture and Natural Resources Sciences, 2020 Juventine Boaz Odoi, Thomas L Odong, Clement Akais Okia, Richard Edema, Alice Muchugi, Samson Gwali Other View
Growth performance of Shea nut tree (Vitellaria paradoxa) collections in an ex-situ trial plot in Lira District, Uganda. IJRDO - Journal of Agriculture and Research, 2019 Okao M., Odoi JB. & Okia C. Other View
Phenology of Sclerocarya birrea (A. Rich.) Hochst. Provenances. Emerging Science journal, 2019 V. J. Msukwa, C. R. Y. Munthali, B. I. Nyoka, E. Missanjo Other View
The role of genetics in mainstreaming the production of new and orphan crops to diversify food systems and support human nutrition. New Phytologist 224:37–54, 2019 Ian K. Dawson., Wayne Powell., Prasad Hendre., Jon Bancic., John M. Hickey., Roeland Kindt., Steve Hoad., Iago Hale and Ramni Jamnadass Other View
Supporting human nutrition in Africa through the integration of new and orphan crops into food systems: placing the work of the African Orphan Crops Consortium in context. World Agroforestry Centre, 2018 Dawson I K, Hendre P,Powell W, Sila D, McMullin S, Simons T, Revoredo-Giha C, Odeny D A, Barnes A P, Graudal L, Watson C A, Hoad S, Burnett F, Muchugi A, Roshetko J M,Hale I L, Van Deynze A, Mayes S, Kindt R, Prabhu R, Cheng S, Xu X, Guarino L, Shapiro H Other View
Genetic diversity of Dyera polyphylla (Miq.) Steenis populations used in tropical peatland restoration in Indonesia. International Mire Conservation Group and International Peatland Society, 2018 Tata H L, Muchugi A, Kariba R & Van Noordwijk M Other View
Why institutional environments for agroforestry seed systems matter. 2018 Lillesø J-P B, Harwood C, Derero A, Graudal L, Roshetko J M, Kindt R, Moestrup S, Omondi W, Holtne N, Mbora A M,Van Breugel P, Dawson I K, Jamnadass R & Egelyng H Other View

The CIFOR-ICRAF Genebank has a global role to collect, conserve, document, characterize and distribute a diverse collection of agroforestry trees.

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