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The urgent need to conserve and use trees
CIFOR-ICRAF Tree Genebank
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CIFOR-ICRAF Tree Genebank
Pest and disease crises pose setbacks for tree-based restoration plans in Rwanda
CIFOR-ICRAF Tree Genebank
Integrating tree health in agroforestry is crucial for conserving and enhancing biodiversity in Africa
CIFOR-ICRAF Tree Genebank
Germplasm Health Unit: food security and sustainable forestry through safe exchange


Welcome to the CIFOR-ICRAF Tree Genebank. We are one of 11 CGIAR Genebanks and our mandate is to manage the conservation and sustainable use of agroforestry tree genetic resources. We acquire diverse tree germplasm from global partnerships, characterize to identify distinct and useful traits, and then ensure that the conserved germplasm is properly curated, viable and available.

CIFOR-ICRAF’s tree genebank has 248 Agroforestry tree species. Out of these 7,020 accessions representing 195 species are conserved in the Seed Genebank, while 19,008 accessions consisting of 82 agroforestry tree species are conserved in live Field Genebanks; located at 51 sites across 19 countries, in Africa, Asia and Latin America. A total of 2,280 accessions of 120 species have been held in duplicate at the Kunming Institute of Botany Genebank in China as well as at the Millennium Seed Bank in the United Kingdom. We have deposited 1,954 accessions representing 197 agroforestry tree species at the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway. All conserved germplasm is managed using customised Genebanks Standards of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

As part of our efforts to conserve tree germplasm, we have undertaken seed longevity and viability studies in conjunction with other CGIAR Genebanks to enhance understanding of seed storage behaviour. In addition, the Genebank works closely with the African Orphan Crops Consortium (AOCC) to profile the genetic diversity of accessions of species on the AOCC priority list for enhancing nutritional security in Africa. This supports the development of informed germplasm conservation and use strategies. Through collaborative research projects and direct requests by users, we make tree seeds and other propagative materials available to researchers and growers. On average, we distribute over 350 seed samples per year of various agroforestry tree species. The regional field genebanks distribute seed and clonally propagated superior tree germplasm. Germplasm distribution is guided by the Genetic Resources Policy (V3).

The Field Genebanks has more

of 81 various tree species; in 49 sites in 18 Countries in the different regions in Africa, Latin America, Asia (East Central, South & South East Asia)
Genebank sites


The Tree Genebank, located at World Agroforestry (ICRAF) headquarters in Nairobi, has 248 agroforestry trees species.

Our species
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The CIFOR-ICRAF Genebank is supported by the CGIAR Genebank Platform, the CGIAR Research Program on Forests, Trees and Agroforestry (FTA) and the Crop Trust

The CIFOR-ICRAF Genebank has a global role to collect, conserve, document, characterize and distribute a diverse collection of agroforestry trees.

  • Prasad Hendre
  • Genebank Manager
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